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11 Fun Wine Tricks to take you from Zero to Hero

If you've recently become passionate about wine, you know that there's plenty to learn. Whether you want to up your wine game to impress a certain someone or just heading to a tasting with a group of wine connoisseurs, you will know a thing…

Decanting Times

Have you ever heard someone say they'll let a wine "breathe"? If so, they likely used a decanter to enhance the wine's flavor and expand its aromas.  While decanting may seem overwhelming, once you learn the basics, it's pretty simple and…

Best Time to Go Wine Tasting and Why

Have you ever wondered when the best time to go wine tasting was? Is there an optimal season or month to visit local wineries? The answer is — it depends. There are many variables to consider, particularly regarding the type of experience…
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Best Wine for Beginners

You may have always loved it, but as of recently, you're starting to really get into wine. You have become more conscious of what wine labels say, looking up terms you're unfamiliar with to expand your knowledge. As you try new varietals, you're…
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Perfect Wine for Date Night

You've been planning a special evening to celebrate your loved one for a while. The candles are ready; you've got some rose petals to scatter on the table. You can already hear the soft romantic music setting the mood in the background. But…

Wine Buying Guide

Whether you’re new to wine or are trying to branch out from your favorite red or white, you might wonder where to start. What’s the best way to find a wine you’ll love when you don’t have time to go to wine tastings? One option is to…
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6 Tips for Attending a Wine Tasting

"My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine." — Ernest Hemingway  Life is all about enjoying unique experiences.  Whether you're creating a mini bucket list or are simply looking for a fun yet educational outing, a wine…
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How Long Is a Wine Tasting?

Wine enthusiasts who live near or regularly vacation in wine country are likely familiar with a typical wine tasting experience. For everyone else, the process might be a bit of a mystery and can even seem intimidating. Is it like going to a…
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The Best Things to Do in Temecula

Temecula is Southern California’s premier wine country, meaning its major appeal to visitors is in wonderful wine-tasting opportunities and gorgeous vineyard scenery. Located just 60 minutes from San Diego and 90 minutes from Los Angeles,…
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4 Things to Look for in a Wine Tasting Event

Attending a wine tasting event can be a fun way to find your new favorite wine while making memories with friends or family. Fortunately, lots of wineries offer tasting events that might interest you. But which one is right for you? Here’s…