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Best Preservation Systems for Opened Wine

Save your wine for another day without fear of it going bad We’d all love to live in a world where wine never goes bad and money for more bottles never runs out. But, sadly, that’s not real life—at least, not for most of us. So what happens after you throw a party at your […]


Wine Tasting – The Right Way

Don’t act like a rookie and gulp wine down like it’s a cup of grape juice—learn wine tasting the right way. Wine tasting is like a ballet. When expertly choreographed and performed, a ballet is breathtaking and delightful to witness. But if you show up to a ballet late and barely take notice of the […]

How Corks Affect a Wine’s Quality

Before winemakers began using corks, oil-soaked rags were stuffed into the necks of bottles to preserve wine. It wasn’t until the 17th century that natural corks became a popular replacement. Corks were a huge improvement from rags and are still the main product used today to store wine. Corks have the power to improve a […]


How to Store Wine Without a Cellar

Five rules for storing wine that keep it in prime condition Some wine enthusiasts insist wine cellars are necessary for proper storage, but that’s not entirely true. As long as you aren’t trying to mature them long-term, storing wine can be accomplished with little effort. When you abide by the five simple rules below, you’ll […]

Why Sweet Oaks Uses Bee Netting

A vineyard that protects its grapes at all costs. When you imagine a vineyard, you probably envision rolling hills covered with rows of beautiful green vines. And normally, that’s exactly what Sweet Oaks looks like. But just after veraison (when the color of the grapes change), the vineyard transforms. Within a matter of days, all […]

Best Temperature for Drinking Wine

Let the taste, smell, and quality come to life with the optimal drinking temperature. If you’ve ever gulped down lukewarm coffee or hot water, then you’re aware that temperature impacts your enjoyment of drinks. And that includes wine, too. Whether you buy your wine from a prestigious Temecula winery or just across the street from […]