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Wine and Meat Pairing Tips

If you’ve thought the rules for wine and meat pairings are strict and uncompromising, you are in luck. Experienced wine lovers know pairings are essentially a matter of taste and how a particular type of meat is prepared. Still, some basic considerations must be kept in mind. Follow these tips to decide which bottles you […]


Wines for Your Hanukkah Dinner

Hanukkah is a fantastic time for getting together with your community, family and friends. For eight nights, the menorah is lit, dreidel is played, gifts are exchanged — and of course, food is shared.  Oil-based or fried foods are commonly served at Hanukkah, which is great news for wine lovers as all wines love fat […]


Wines for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

The holiday season is a great time for eating and drinking the most delicious food, surrounded by the people you love. But how do you know which wines to choose to accompany the most intricate meal of the year? Do not despair, we are here to lead you through the maze of wine matching with […]

Wine Tasting for a Beer Drinker

“There’s wisdom in wine, freedom in beer, and bacteria in the water!” It may be disputable if Benjamin Franklin said this, but wine and beer drinkers will echo the sentiments within. Both drinks are best enjoyed with good food and great company. Beer is drawn from fermented grains like wheat when wine is the product […]


What Are the Best Ways to Store Wine?

If you’ve recently become a big fan of wine, you might find yourself gradually accumulating more bottles of wine to try, and we fully support this! Just make sure you know how to store the bottles you add to your collection, as proper storage will help maintain the quality and flavor of your wine. Fortunately, […]


How to Pair Wine and Cheese

 Entertaining tonight with a great bottle of wine? Learn how to pair wine and cheese in this article from Sweet Oaks Wine. Wine and cheese pairings are often a matter of taste. The experienced consumer will know just which types complement the other. But if you are just getting started on your home entertaining, there’s […]

Wine Tech for Today’s Wine Lover

A great bottle of wine is a thing of beauty. With a wondrous blend of the fruits of nature and the skill of the winemaker, well-made wines stimulate the senses and feed the soul. But why stop at perfection? There are plenty of wizard gizmos out there that the dedicated wine lover can use to […]


Wine Glass Basics

It may seem confusing that different types of wine do taste better depending upon one glass you use, but it certainly has a basis in scientific fact! Since wine tasting is all about engaging your senses, you can choose a glass shape and size that will bring you the best possible experience. Take a look […]