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Wine Terms New Wine Drinkers Should Know

One of the reasons the wine world can seem a bit intimidating is that many wine terms thrown around are unfamiliar to novices. Wine terminology for beginners can seem like a whole new language, but don’t let that put you off booking your first wine tasting or delving head-first into the wonderful world of wine. […]

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The Best Things to Do in Temecula

Temecula is Southern California’s premier wine country, meaning its major appeal to visitors is in wonderful wine-tasting opportunities and gorgeous vineyard scenery. Located just 60 minutes from San Diego and 90 minutes from Los Angeles, Temecula is often featured on Southern California road-trip itineraries. It’s also a great destination in its own right, with many […]

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Wine Etiquette Tips

The world of wine isn’t quite as stuffy as many imagine it to be, but it’s always helpful to know the basics of wine etiquette. A few easy tips can make you feel more comfortable at wine tastings and other social events involving wine, and it also helps you get the most out of any […]

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What Do Wine Legs Mean?

Many common terms are thrown around among wine enthusiasts — body, oaky, tannins, etc.  You’ve likely heard some of these terms, but what about wine legs?  Do wine legs provide clues concerning the quality of wines? If so, what do you look for? If not, what do these mysterious legs tell you about the wine […]

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Proper Wine Glass Etiquette

Whether you’re new to wine or just don’t normally drink vino outside the comfort of your own home, there may be some wine glass etiquette you’re not aware of. After all, when you’re so focused on the amazing aroma and flavor of your favorite wine, it’s easy to forget about any rules regarding how to enjoy this […]