Heather Altepeter, CEO / Jason Altepeter, COO

Hailing from deeply agricultural backgrounds in the Midwest, couple Heather and Jason Altepeter, have planted their roots in Temecula, California – the heart of Southern California’s sprawling wine country.

Heather and Jason Altepeter - Temecula Wine Growers

Sweetoaks Tree

Drawn to the alluring beauty of Temecula Valley’s rolling hills and endless stretches of lush vineyard properties, Heather and Jason settled in this Southern California wine town to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and cultivate meaningful work rooted in culture and rustic elegance.

The work began with Heather and Jason – both entrepreneurs familiar with building successful companies from the ground up – growing grapes as a passion project. With a shared appreciation for fine wines and unique vintages, the couple’s endeavors initially allowed them to genuinely immerse themselves in Temecula’s deep-seated wine culture.

Appreciation for wines and unique vintages

Sweet Oaks - Wine Growers

However, Heather and Jason quickly realized that the uniqueness of the area’s offerings afforded an even greater opportunity.

Heather and Jason founded Sweet Oaks Wine in 2015 after purchasing Sweet Oaks Ranch – a 28-acre equestrian estate boasting expansive natural beauty. Sweet Oaks Wine was founded alongside its sister label, Sol de Luz Vineyards in nearby De Luz, California.