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6 Foods That Pair Perfectly With Redneck Vineyards’ Catas “Trophy” Wife Sangiovese

While endless guides recommend pairing complicated dishes with fancy wines, at Redneck Vineyards, we keep it simple. After a long day, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours in the kitchen or hunting down unique ingredients. Our wines…

How to Store Wine Without a Cellar

For the most astute wine lovers, having a wine cellar is a mark of wealth. For others, a symbol of class and wine devotion. However, a home with a wine cellar is more than just an iconic symbol from the past or a modern trend. It serves a fundamental…

2019 Trumped Merlot – Wine/Food Pairings

The art of wine pairings can be rather complex, but it's also a ton of fun.  Although you can take the pairing process quite seriously, there is plenty of room for playful experiences, especially when hosting a casual tasting with friends.…